Why Rent Training Classrooms and Meeting Facilities From Us

We have 14 training/meeting support suites to meet a variety of needs.

Whether you are teaching a computer based class, training project managers or conducting a management retreat, our learning center has a room to meet your needs. We can provide state-of-the-art suites that can be configured with or without workstations. All 14 computer classroom suites feature outside windows, white boards, ceiling mounted projection systems and wireless internet access.

You supply the attendees and then just show up and present.

Our administrative staff will greet your students or employees, provide them a tour of our classroom learning center hospitality area and direct them to their classroom. Prior to your event, one of our technicians can install your software and arrange the room to your specifications. Members of our hospitality staff will keep our break rooms stocked with substantial morning and afternoon snacks as well as coffee, tea, bottled water and soft drinks throughout the day. Our sole focus is the success of your event.

Avoid the expense of maintaining your own training and meeting facilities.

Maintaining your own classrooms can be costly. Not only is the price of office space increasing, the expense and trouble of keeping computers and projectors current is never ending. You must keep your PC classroom busy at least 60% of the time to justify an in-house learning center. Why fight the battle? Our classroom learning center is surprisingly affordable and requires no staffing on your part. We handle the scheduling, setup and hospitality; you simply show up and teach. 

Minimize Interruptions

Bringing your students or employees to our training/meeting site will get them away from unnecessary interruptions. Our training facilities provide the perfect environment for focused learning. While telephones, high speed fiber based internet and wireless access are all available when needed, students will be able to avoid constant interruptions that are unavoidable if class is held in-house.

Groups from very large to very small.

One of our clients provided a full day of computer training to 1500 employees over a 5 week period; another had a very private three day class for 2 of their clients. We have 14 suites which can be configured to accommodate small intimate meetings and classes or large training "roll outs".

Virtual Solutions

Extend the reach of your classroom with Virtual Training Room

Virtual Training Room combines the learning benefits of live, instructor-led training with the power and flexibility of a virtual platform, allowing learners to experience the same interactive experience as those who are physically in the classroom. Utilizing state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology, students can receive an equal learning experience from virtually anywhere.