Our Facility

Whether training applications for your in-house staff or doing software developer training, the most effective way to conduct educational training is away from your workplace. Your students will not be distracted and they will be able to focus their full attention on your course or meeting topic. 

We offer 6 secure and spacious classrooms for rent in the Seattle area. If you require a PC equipped training room, our technicians will set up to meet your specifications. All required software will be installed prior to the arrival of your instructor. A technician will be available throughout your training session to ensure a successful event.

If your training does not require PCs, we have traditional lecture/meeting space available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

All suites are equipped with wall to wall whiteboards, high resolution, ceiling mounted projectors, pull down screen, flipcharts, and laser printers upon request.

Contact Sharon Hoff (425) 576-9747 ext 113 for more information.